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Greetings Chestertonians!

We are currently working our way through “In Defense of Sanity,” which is a fairly recent anthology of essays spanning most of Chesterton’s writing career.  September readings are as follows:

38. On Jane Austen in the General Election
39. On Essays
40. On Evil Euphemisms
For those who prefer to read online, this month’s essays are all from Chesterton’s 1930 book, “Come to Think of It,” which can be found here.
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Our meeting location is Mimi’s Cafe in San Jose, in the El Paseo de Saratoga shopping center, at the corner of Saratoga and Campbell Avenues.  If you let the greeters at the front know you’re there for a book club meeting they will direct you to our table.
Please reply back to the email list (preferable) or in the combox below (also okay) for headcount purposes.
I’ll be delighted to see everyone again!  Please come prepared to spend a few minutes discussing business-related matters of who would like to take over email responsibilities, who’d like to keep the blog updated, etc…

If there are any last minute issues, my cell phone is 408-772-6185.


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