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With apologies for the late posting, yes there IS a meetup tomorrow night!
From “In Defense of Sanity”
19. The Maxims of Maxim (Daily News, February 25, 1905)
20. The Book of Job (GKC as MC, 1929)
From Part I of “Everlasting Man”
V Man and Mythologies, pp.101-115 (Ignatius ed.)
For now the location continues to be the Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale, at the corner of Mary and Fremont.  If anyone felt particularly ambitious in the future, please ping me about what kind of leg work we could do to secure a different meeting site that might offer a little more space for boisterous discussion…  🙂
Please reply back to the list for headcount purposes.  If you’re not certain how/where to reply to the list (or if you are on the list yet) hopefully this link will help you out…
With baby due imminently I do not expect to be at the next few meetings.  John Rose has kindly offered to moderate the discussions.  Thank you!  If you also start seeing reminder emails from some new, suspicious character, do not be suspicious– this would merely indicate I’ve managed to foist communications duties off onto some other poor, unsuspecting soul.
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