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Greetings Chestertonians!

We are currently working our way through “In Defense of Sanity,” which is a fairly recent anthology of essays spanning most of Chesterton’s writing career.  October readings are as follows:

From “In Defense of Sanity”
17. The Mystery of the Mystics (Daily News, August 30, 1901)
18. A Much Repeated Repetition (Daily News, March 26, 1904)
From Part I of “Everlasting Man”
V Man and Mythologies, pp.101-115 (Ignatius ed.) freely available online here and here.
If you aren’t currently receiving our emails, please join our list to stay informed of upcoming meetings and events by going here.  You can also like our Facebook page and see updates there.
As to location: I’m trying to get a larger space for our monthly meetings, and haven’t quite caught the correct manager on the phone yet.  So as of now, Friday night, we’re meeting at Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale, corner of Fremont and Mary.  Hopefully we’ll be in bigger digs for November.
Please reply back to the email list (preferable) or in the combox below (also okay) for headcount purposes.  I’m not sure if we should be expecting more than the Usual Suspects in the aftermath of the “Evening with GKC.”
If there are any last minute issues, my cell phone is 408-772-6185.

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