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Hello Chestertonians!

 Don’t forget that there have been a few recent changes–

  • Meetings will be held the second Monday of each month, 7-9 PM, at the Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale
  • Our “basic” book for the foreseeable future will be In Defense of Sanity
  • Typical reading will include one or more essays from In Defense of Sanity, plus additional materials– a book of particular interest, articles on specific topics like GKC’s literary criticism, etc
For April, we’ll be discussing essays 7 & 8, What I Found in My Pocket and On Lying in Bed.  Physical paper copies of the book are strongly encouraged so we can literally all be “on the same page,” as this greatly facilitates the conversation.  

 Finally, please help us spread the word about our little group.  Invite a friend, forward this email to a few acquaintances, put a posting up on a community forum, share on Facebook.

 See you April 13! 


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