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The planned reading for the Bay Area Chesterton Society for the next several months will be Maisie Ward’s excellent biography, Gilbert Keith Chesterton.  In light of the opening of GKC’s cause, there was interest among the members in learning more details of his life.

We will meet up the first Wednesday of the month, July 24, at 7:00 PM at Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale.  We will be reading and discussing chapters 9-12 of  the biography.

New members are always welcome.  Please leave a quick comment in the box if you might come so we get a large enough table.

Attendees are asked to contribute $1 in monthly dues, which are being saved to bring in a speaker.  If you’ve never eaten at Country Gourmet before, be aware that you place your order up at the front counter, and the staff will bring your food to your table.  So please step up and order upon arrival, then come on over to the table.

Hope to see you July 2!


The month-by-month chapter breakdown will be as follows:

June 4: Chapters 1-8

July 2: Chapters 9-12

August 6: Chapters 13-17

September 3: Chapters 18-23

October 1: Chapters 24-28

November 5: Chapters 29-32



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